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            Face Recognition Temperature Measurement Terminal

            CPU: RK3399

            Display: 8 inch LCD screen, resolution: 800*1280, 10:16

            Operating system: Linux Android 7.1 or above

            Camera: Binocular camera

            Package Size(mm): 322(L)x135(W)x38(H)



            Non-contact automatic body temperature detection, brush human face and perform high-precision infrared human temperature acquisition at the same time, fast and high effect.



            Company, Community, Hospital, School


            CPU RK3399
            Display 8 inch LCD screen, resolution: 800*1280, 10:16
            Operating system Linux Android 7.1 or above
            Camera Binocular camera
            Infrared sensor(optional) Within 2 meters, support software pitch adjustment
            ID Card Reader(optional) Support for Second Generation ID Identification
            Thermal imaging module Temperature measurement accuracy±0.3℃, support 0.5~0.7m
            Communication mode WIFI/Bluetooth4.0/Ethernet
            Extermal interface Ethernet RJ45 interface, Micro-USB interface, RS485 interface, Wigan interface, Replay interface, Industrial connector output interface
            Package Size(mm) 322(L)x135(W)x38(H)

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