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            Water and Sewage Treatment Plants

            Workers in water and sewage treatment plants are exposed to a wide variety of gas hazards. This means that an integrated approach using both fixed gas detection systems with portable gas detectors is required.

            In sewer entry, toxic hydrogen sulphide gas, explosive methane gas and dangerously low levels of oxygen may all be encountered. In pumping stations, the same hazards may exist. In clean water treatment, toxic hazards from chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, ozone and sulphur dioxide may be encountered.

            Hanwei instruments are highly flexible and can be configured to suit specific customer requirements, ensuring that the highest possible levels of safety and protection are maintained.

            Suitable products:
            E1000 portable single gas detector for combustible gas, toxic gas, O2
            E6000 portable 6-gas detector
            Fixed gas detection systems for continuously monitoring of flammable gases, toxic gases and O2 gas.

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