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            BX176 Portable o3/ozone Gas Detector

            Measuring gas: O3

            Measuring range: 0-50ppm

            Response time: T90<30s

            Alarm method: Visual, audible and vibrative signals

            Audible: ≥85dB at 1m



            The product is made of explosion-proof shell, compact and portable in shape, LCD English display screen, simple in operation, Rechargeable Lithium Battery, long standby time and durable. When the gas concentration leakage reaches the alarm point, the instrument will be prompted by triple alarm of acousto-optic vibration, which can be mentioned. Effective prevention of accidents.


            Intrinsically safe

            Visual and audible alarm

            Adjustable alarm levels and span calibration value

            STEL and TWA alarm for toxic gases

            Password management

            Self-test after power on

            Self-diagonstic and self-correction function



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