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            • 128th Online Canton Fair - Invi
              Sep 29, 2020

              128th Online Canton Fair - Invitation From Hanwei

              128th Online Canton Fair - Invitation From Hanwei Different Way, Same Goal ! We are here waiting for you ! Information of Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation: Date: Oct.15-24,2020 Booth NO.: 11.3D18 O...

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            • 127th Canton Fair First Time On
              Jun 15, 2020

              127th Canton Fair First Time On-Line Show

              Summary :Hanwei Electronics Group Corporation will attend 127th Canton Fair, Its first time on-line show. Welcome to our on-line booth! Experience Brandnew Hanwei Image! Information of Hanwei Electro...

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              Why do I need a breath alcohol tester?

              A Breathalyzer is a valuable purchase to ensure personal safety and the safety of others. An individual may purchase one for self-testing and monitoring...
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              Gas Alarm

              How should I test my Alarm and how often?

              You should test your Alarm regularly (at least monthly) to ensure it is working...
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              Gas Detection

              How to correctly select gas control alarm system?

              Nowadays, the application of gas control alarm sysems is more and more extensive, but a lot of users do not know how to choose the right type...
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